Set 930A – 30pc Pro Brush Set


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Add onto your student kits

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Set includes:

C406 – Large Duo Fibre
SS015 – Deluxe Tapered Powder
C522 – Pro Highlight
C451 – Buffer
SS001 – Deluxe Foundation
C427 – Tapered Duo Fibre
C534 – Precision Contour
C523 – Pro Mini Flat Contour
C533 – Pro Blender
C640 – Deluxe Blender
SS004 – Deluxe Conceal
SS011 – Deluxe Oval Shadow
SS027 – Deluxe Blending Crease
SS026 – Syntho Angle Shader
C512 – Pro Sculpting Crease
C528 – Pro Crease Detail
C509 – Pro Detail Concealer
C540 – Square Camo
C511 – Pro Blending Fluff
C441 – Pro Blending Crease
C510 – Pro Oval Shader
C539 – Firm Crease
C527 – Pro Point Smudger
C538 – Precision Smudger
C133 – Mini Lash Fan
C514 – Pointed Liner
C541 – Precision Angle Liner
C155 – Brow / Lash Groomer
SS031 – Syntho Lip Brush
SS025 – Syntho Brow Duo
BCS30 – 30 Slot Brush Roll